Dukes Meadows Petition to protect the Riverside Promenade

Showing verge for parking

Please sign the petition to protect The Riverside Promenade -The council wants to install parking bays and coach turning circles on this lovely green space on the Prom. It promised a cycle path and bike hoops. Please sign our petition asking for a re think;

Dukes Meadows Trust led the regeneration of the meadows to create a beautiful riverside park. Starting in 2000 the trust has raised over £1 million to create fabulous play areas and has planted hedgerows, wildflower meadows and an orchard to increase the bio diversity of the park. Hailed by local government magazine as a model of sustainability, the trust has established successful social enterprises that generate revenue to maintain the improvements made. Volunteers run the trust and help maintain the park. The more we have the more we can do, so why not get involved?  Please get in touch here.